These are a few of the authentic, genuine reviews that satisfied clients have posted on the main directories. 

I have been meeting Rocco on and  off since 2018, and our overnight sessions have become so much more  intense and enjoyable.  Rocco is a very intuitive individual who knows  which buttons to press, and boy does he press them well and firmly.  He  loves to take control, but in a caring and considerate manner.  He  certainly appears to enjoy himself too, since the proof of this is in  the money shot :)  Book him if you want a guaranteed enjoyable session  to unleash the inner uninhibited self...  Outside of the  bedroom, he is also a very intelligent person with his head well screwed  on.

Paul,  4th Jan 2020

 I met Rocco at his immaculate, discreet Manchester city centre apartment.
He is a very handsome guy with an impressive physique and it  was nice to meet someone who looks better in real life than their  photos.
A most enjoyable two hours with a high class escort.  

Mark, 30th Jan 2019

Totally beyond compare!

After a couple of bad experiences with others out there, I was  reticent, but decided to give Rocco a try, following his last review,  which says it all! This wonderful man is in a league of his own!

He is a beautiful person in every sense of the word. Totally  professional, Rocco will surpass the services offered by some, who tag  you along, but fail to deliver! I've never experienced so much immense  pleasure in an erotic massage! This followed with seamless fun! I didn't  need to tell him what I like, as he already read my body and displayed  great intuition.

An amazing couple of hours with a stunning guy! He is now my favour masseur/escort. I can't wait to see him again!

Lakes Rocker, 15th Apr 2019

He's Hot, He's Smooth, He's Toned! Great Massage!

I met Rocco for a Naturist Massage, and I have to say - that he  concentrated and covered every inch of my body. I am not the most toned  person in the world - but, I felt very relaxed and made to feel  comfortable and confident naked by Rocco.

What a lovely, polite, genuine guy! He has a Lovely smile, and a nice warm glow that comes from his personality and character.

I have only met a few masseurs in my time, but I have to say  that he is one of the best, and the most professional. He allows you to  relax in silence, as he works those magic soft hands using the right  oils on your body in every area possible. I will definitely be back - I  have to go back, he is so hot and handsome - plus He has a fantastic  smooth round firm bubble butt!

Thank you Rocco - Love the Deansgate flat, and amazing views.

MR M, 2nd Jun 2019

Amazing Experiences

This is a long overdue review. Have been meeting Rocco for just  over six months, initially for a massage and now a couple of overnight  sessions.

Rocco has been amazing in opening me up in so many ways, and he  also genuinely enjoys the sessions which is a bonus. He has this  ability to make you enjoy the moment so much that he then leaves you  with a cliff-hanger, or in my case so frustrated that I am already  thinking of the next session.

Paul, 30th May 2019


Rocco is an incredible nice guy, who is very fit and good looking. He  made me feel very comfortable from first meeting him and my inhibitions  soon disappeared. His massage has to be one of the best experienced and I  shall certainly be returning in the future. I have had lower back pain  for the past week and he waved his magic hands and really relaxed it out  and eased the stiffness. Thank you for a very pleasant and chilled out  afternoon.

Jon, 17th Apr 2019